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About CiateCiaté is the vision of celebrity manicurist and salon owner, Charlotte Straughan. Her passion is to create fresh, premium quality, exciting products to meet the needs of both customers and professional nail technicians. Ciaté was born out of Charlotte’s own salon business, and so intuitively understands the needs of professional salons. Ciaté is Bang On Trend for Colour, expert in Colour and Care for beautiful Hands and Feet. Our approach is to deliver fresh, fast-paced fashion and total commitment to innovation and quality. Ciaté is a brand that approaches hand, nail and foot care from a hair and skin care point of view while celebrating the charm and femininity of a woman. Our products are formulated with result driven ingredients to ensure professional salon results with maximum colour durability and wear.

Ciaté Heritage

Founded by Charlotte Straughan, a Celebrity Nail Technician and visionary with over 10 years of experience in the nail industry. Her vision for Ciaté was to bridge the gap between what was offered in professional salons and retail; so, women everywhere could personally access professional formulas with a fast paced fashionable approach.

Ciaté Style

The fall of 2009 celebrated the reinvention of beauty, the reinvention of Ciaté. Same Attitude, Same philosophy with new and improved result driven formulations within exquisite packaging. Whilst Ciaté still exudes charm and elegance the brand has matured with intensified, sophisticated femininity. Ciaté instils department store beauty hall behaviour and visual merchandising techniques into Salons, Spas and Boutiques ensuring maximum retail opportunities and growth for our trade partners. Beauty Journalists, Bloggers and Ciaté fans alike are charmed by the decadent details of Ciaté hence the brand has rapidly become synonymous with style, class and affordable luxury.


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